// angel on the edge //

Shot by Darius Twin

Darren gives me wings ^_^ no, but really, if only I could always have some light-up angel wings! I'm so happy to be able to add another photo to our "angel" series. This is the 4th one that we have shot so far, and we will only be adding many many more. We shot this one while we were at Rainbow Basin - the weather was perfect and we were the only people there. Oh, and it happened to be a full moon that night, so the whole landscape was lit up bright, making it easy for us to be the night-explorers that we are! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends ~ pretty soon here I will be off to see my friends play some amazing tunes at a farm in Ojai! <3

// me and the moon //

Shot by Darius Twin

Yesterday, Darren and I went on a little adventure to catch that super blood moon burning bright in a remote location. The location is a *secret* for now that I will reveal in a post this week. However, in the meantime, I wanted to show you the photo we captured with that bloody-brilliant-beauty! 

// route 66 //

Shot by Darius Twin // Dress by Kristinit

Last week, Darren and I chose to take an evening trip up Route 66 to catch the golden hour, sunset, and of course, those starry skies. Since there are many abandoned locations on Route 66, it carries such a creepy vibe at night. We had to recreate the phantom hitchhiker - and lucky enough, I had this rad dress by Kristinit with me.

Sheats-Goldstein Residence


Tasi Malibu jumpsuit // Shot by Darius Twin

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited by MAK Center on a private tour of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence designed by John Lautner. This iconic location appears in many movies, such as The Big Lebowski & Charlie's Angels. One of my favorite features is the James Turrell exhibit located below the house - accessible by many stunning sets of stairs that guide you through an enchanted forest with an occasional *epic* view of the city. Inside of the exhibit is Turrell's wonderful use of neon lights and portals to showcase the starry skies at night - like, how is this place even real? Other notable favorites (although all was perfection) were his private underground club, the living room facing the pool, and the infinity tennis court. I would love to wake up every morning and take in those views of both the LA skyline and this masterpiece of a house! Hope you enjoyed the Astro tour ^_^

Thank you so much MAK Center for the invite - I'm looking forward to the Mak Games coming up on the 18th! 

// salvation mountain //

White Crow overalls // Gard Eyewear sunglasses // Ariat boots // vintage tee & bracelet

If I had the opportunity to live in Salvation Mountain, I think I would consider it ^_^ It feels like your wandering around a dreamland, full of color, love, and inspirational words and artwork. I dedicate this post to Leonard Knight who spent his life building Salvation Mountain, a mountain built out of adobe, straw, and oh-so-very-much paint. Leonard passed away last year and this impacted everyone who had been lucky enough to see his (large) piece of artwork. Salvation Mountain is located near Slab City and a few miles away from the Salton Sea, which is also pictured in the photos above. I recommend a visit for yourself, pictures just don't do it justice. RIP Leonard Knight.