Winter Wonderland | Zion


// fringe in zion //

Here I am fringing freely in Zion! This was my third time visiting the park, but it was the first time I saw it coated with clouds, a touch of rain, and snow capped mountains. Although it was a bit colder than our usual Zion adventure, it made for a mysterious setting that we thoroughly enjoyed during our drive and hikes! Visiting here was actually a last minute addition to our road trip. During our efforts to see Canyonlands and Goblin Valley, we were caught up in a snowstorm and decided to turn around before we got stuck for the weekend. Although we were bummed we couldn't make it to our final destination, we lucked out that Hurricane was an area we'd be driving through (which neighbors Zion) and we stayed at an adorable motel just outside of the park.  

As I'm sure you've noticed, the color red was a huge theme for me on this adventure (and just my winter wardrobe in total). So when I found those AMAZING red pants and jacket from Leon Max my eyes got wide and my heart started to jump freely. And that eagle clutch from Patrick Shannon truly added to that vibe I was feeling way up there, looking down on the cloud-filled canyons, feeling like I was ready for flight! ::) This outfit is a new favorite for those days when I want to be comfortable but still feel like a complete desert babe/badass.

Photos shot by my love Darius Twin.

// autumn in zion //

Autumn in Zion is quite a treat, yall ~