Playing with Fire | Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire has become one of my favorite destinations to explore. This was my second time visiting the area, but I found myself continually discovering something new and exciting. Everywhere you turn, there are these vibrant red rock formations resembling the color of a burning flame. What excited me the most was seeing the colors of the landscape change throughout the day, from the morning light, to the intense afternoon sun, to finishing with the colorful golden hour & sunset.

So when life gives you a scenery full of 'fire', play with it. And by that I mean add some ELIZA Designs LA. All of her pieces are handcrafted here in LA, and carry the most brilliant gems. I love that she always includes the meanings of the gems as well when purchasing her pieces. I found that the Herkimer Diamond piece hit closest to home - not only because it is absolutely beautiful, but because it 'helps the wearer remember their souls purpose on earth, while opening them up to angelic guidance from the highest, purest source. Herkimer diamonds awaken inner light in the wearer, allowing it to radiate outward to the positive benefit of all.' This means so much to me, because I feel like knowing oneself is key to living life to it's fullest potential. Check out her amazing work, and read up on these gem meanings here. I've also included the exact pieces I'm wearing below!

// autumn in zion //

Autumn in Zion is quite a treat, yall ~ 

// mirror lake //

When you pass by a beautiful body of water such as this, perfectly reflecting the stunning mountainscape - you gotta pull over and take in the views while you can. So we did - and I wore something to match the water. ^_^

// ancient adventure //

How crazy does that tree look in the third photo of this series? That's because this forest is filled with *ancient* bristlecone pines that have lived for up to 5,000 years! They are the oldest living non-clonal organisms in the world. It was a difficult journey out there, since majority of the way is a bumpy, dirt road - which is no good for a Toyota Corolla. Oh, and once we got all the way out there, a big storm came along and nearly made it impossible for us to get back out. It was so worth it, though. I knew this beautiful dress with bell sleeves would work well with the wizardry vibes that the location gave off. And did you see that backpack? I have a huge thing for anything with dream catchers, and I'm always wearing a back pack on these adventures, so this back pack is the perfect. Oh, and if you buy one of Nicole Lee's backpacks right now, you get a free internal organizer with your purchase for their back to school event ^_^

// up the coast //

Levis jeans
Inverness & Crane rings
Vintage tee

It sure feels good to be back here writing to you guys about my adventures. Last week, Darren & I took our cameras up the coast ~ starting in LA and ending up in Fort Bragg. I must say it was quite a refreshing lil' vacation. If you haven't already taken a trip up ((or down)) the PCH, you must. My eyes were wide as we continued on, seeing the vast variety of coastal views, cliffs, and forests. Each town we drove through had it's own special vibe, and fortunately enough we had time to stop and explore them on the way up. In the photos pictured above, I am wandering around both Glass Beach ((that is not sand, that is small pieces of tumbled glass!)) in Fort Bragg and the Redwood Forest wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans from Levi's. They are the ultimate road trip necessity, that's for sure.

Wolf Alice // Bros

// desert daisy //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Kristinit top
Sarah Mulder necklace
Ariat boots

I wandered off to Red Rock the other weekend and shot with amazing friend & photographer Kellee Lee (@kellee_lee). We camped out there and spent our time dressin' up, drinkin' whiskey, listenin' to fireside jams, and shootin' the raddest of photos. Here's one of the shoots we did featuring a few of my favorite brands, that when combined together, creates the DeSeRt DaIsY vibe we were lookin' for! Looking forward to showing you guys the rest of the photos we shot. 

Twin Shadow // Old Love New Love