// roadside attraction //


Honey Sucker dress
Teva x Nasty Gal shoes
Cate McNabb lipstick

Lately, I've been traveling more than ever. Normally, the idea to go on adventure comes to us upon waking up ~ the idea to just get out of the house & see something new for the day. I must say, the spontaneity of those decisions make the trip even better. I especially love when we're full speed ahead, onto the next location, and we pass by something unexpected that catches our eye. Like this location above for instance. We didn't know it was coming, but when we saw it, we immediately looked at each other and pulled over! Eerily resembling the gas station from The Hills Have Eyes, this location definitely had a deserted spooky vibe. My goal for this shoot was to match the burnt orange hues of this location with my dress, my lipstick, and my shoes. We got pretty lucky to pass by this lil' delight!

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