// up the coast //

Levis jeans
Inverness & Crane rings
Vintage tee

It sure feels good to be back here writing to you guys about my adventures. Last week, Darren & I took our cameras up the coast ~ starting in LA and ending up in Fort Bragg. I must say it was quite a refreshing lil' vacation. If you haven't already taken a trip up ((or down)) the PCH, you must. My eyes were wide as we continued on, seeing the vast variety of coastal views, cliffs, and forests. Each town we drove through had it's own special vibe, and fortunately enough we had time to stop and explore them on the way up. In the photos pictured above, I am wandering around both Glass Beach ((that is not sand, that is small pieces of tumbled glass!)) in Fort Bragg and the Redwood Forest wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans from Levi's. They are the ultimate road trip necessity, that's for sure.

Wolf Alice // Bros