// dance dance dance //

Honey Sucker dress // Foot Cardigan socks // vintage Doc Martens

Here I am, dancin' the sunset away, on the El Mirage dry lake bed located in San Bernardindo County. This dry lakebed covers about 6 miles of ground, and is commonly used for racing ~~ or if you're me, dancing ^_^ About an hour or two later into the night, we witnessed a thunderstorm & lightning many miles away. It was far enough where we weren't rained on, but close enough that we could see lightning shine through the clouds. What an unexpected surprise that was!

// rain or shine //

Levis jeans // White Crow top // Ariat boots

For most, rain is a good excuse to wear PJs all day, have food delivered to your door, and watch back to back episodes of your favorite TV show ~ but for us, it's time to explore ^_* The other day, we noticed the rain began to stop around sunset, and we booked it to Mt. Wilson to see the sunset break through the clouds. Almost too good to be true, the sunset was everything we wanted and more! The pink fog had me feeling like I was moving through cotton candy. 

People Under The Stairs // Acid Raindrops

// roadside attraction //


Honey Sucker dress
Teva x Nasty Gal shoes
Cate McNabb lipstick

Lately, I've been traveling more than ever. Normally, the idea to go on adventure comes to us upon waking up ~ the idea to just get out of the house & see something new for the day. I must say, the spontaneity of those decisions make the trip even better. I especially love when we're full speed ahead, onto the next location, and we pass by something unexpected that catches our eye. Like this location above for instance. We didn't know it was coming, but when we saw it, we immediately looked at each other and pulled over! Eerily resembling the gas station from The Hills Have Eyes, this location definitely had a deserted spooky vibe. My goal for this shoot was to match the burnt orange hues of this location with my dress, my lipstick, and my shoes. We got pretty lucky to pass by this lil' delight!

Rationale // Fast Lane

// up the coast //

Levis jeans
Inverness & Crane rings
Vintage tee

It sure feels good to be back here writing to you guys about my adventures. Last week, Darren & I took our cameras up the coast ~ starting in LA and ending up in Fort Bragg. I must say it was quite a refreshing lil' vacation. If you haven't already taken a trip up ((or down)) the PCH, you must. My eyes were wide as we continued on, seeing the vast variety of coastal views, cliffs, and forests. Each town we drove through had it's own special vibe, and fortunately enough we had time to stop and explore them on the way up. In the photos pictured above, I am wandering around both Glass Beach ((that is not sand, that is small pieces of tumbled glass!)) in Fort Bragg and the Redwood Forest wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans from Levi's. They are the ultimate road trip necessity, that's for sure.

Wolf Alice // Bros

// mars is made of candy //


Tasi Malibu jumpsuit
Barbara C Pellegrino necklace
Ariat boots
Rosel poncho

This is one of those places that feels other-worldly ~ an amazing feeling to experience while traveling because I truly feel unplugged. This set of photos is also from the camping trip to Red Rock with Kellee Lee & Darren. Kellee shot these photos around sunset & sinrise, and this magic was created! Lovin' the way the colors on this jumpsuit pop while surrounded by the candy-mars. 

Lord Huron // Ends Of The Earth

// desert daisy //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Kristinit top
Sarah Mulder necklace
Ariat boots

I wandered off to Red Rock the other weekend and shot with amazing friend & photographer Kellee Lee (@kellee_lee). We camped out there and spent our time dressin' up, drinkin' whiskey, listenin' to fireside jams, and shootin' the raddest of photos. Here's one of the shoots we did featuring a few of my favorite brands, that when combined together, creates the DeSeRt DaIsY vibe we were lookin' for! Looking forward to showing you guys the rest of the photos we shot. 

Twin Shadow // Old Love New Love 

// higher ground //

Camp Collection top & shorts
Sarah Mulder necklace
Worlds Apart bracelet

While I do live with wanderlust in my heart, I still love to explore the city that I live in ~ Los Angeles. It's no wonder why this is the city full of creatives ~ the weather, ocean, and landscape make it an inspiring place to be. Here I am in Topanga Canyon, seeing this big ol' city from above, taking it all in and being inspired. I love Southern California. If only we had water.

Wildlight // Twirl Me