// rustic magic //

In the heart of Pipes Canyon in Pioneertown, lie these magically rustic ruins that have been converted into a charming event space called The Ruin Venue. While you sit on how brilliant of an idea that is, I'm going to lead you through the beautiful location!

Of course we arrived at golden hour to catch those last rays of sun, shining through the stormy clouds that were headed our direction. Fortunately, we never felt a drop of rain (although we could definitely use it!) but it created a moody element that I was surely excited about!

You may be asking yourself - 'Okay okay, Jordan... that location is stunning, but where is your outfit from?' Well let me start with the jewelry from Eliza Designs LA. All of her designs are handmade here in LA and they are all so dreamy, elegant, and basically everything I could ever want in an accessory. They add that mystical touch to even the most simple get up!

Let's get a closer look at those beauties from Eliza Designs LA! I was really feeling the color tones ::)

Along with those storm clouds came heavy winds, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow! And by flow I mean, fix your hair every 2 seconds since it quickly becomes a rat's nest but also never miss that soft windy photo opp! So, now let's talk a little bit about that rustic magic - that is the beautiful set I'm wearing from Tobi (who offers 50% off your first order!). I just love how romantic, boho, and vintage this silhouette is!

To end the shoot, I danced where I would imagine all of the dancing occurs at this venue (oh, peep the track I included below!)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.