// ancient adventure //

How crazy does that tree look in the third photo of this series? That's because this forest is filled with *ancient* bristlecone pines that have lived for up to 5,000 years! They are the oldest living non-clonal organisms in the world. It was a difficult journey out there, since majority of the way is a bumpy, dirt road - which is no good for a Toyota Corolla. Oh, and once we got all the way out there, a big storm came along and nearly made it impossible for us to get back out. It was so worth it, though. I knew this beautiful dress with bell sleeves would work well with the wizardry vibes that the location gave off. And did you see that backpack? I have a huge thing for anything with dream catchers, and I'm always wearing a back pack on these adventures, so this back pack is the perfect. Oh, and if you buy one of Nicole Lee's backpacks right now, you get a free internal organizer with your purchase for their back to school event ^_^