Monumental Moment

Wanderin' through the desert never felt so good until I visited Monument Valley in Utah. This place is so dreamy and left me overwhelmed with its natural beauty. There are sandstone formations everywhere that appear to be man-made monuments each unique in their own way, but they are natural pieces of art and the effects of wind, water, and erosion. Our campsite was right where we shot these photos - waking up to a sunrise shining down on those formations was a moment I will never forget ~ a monumental moment, that is! ^_^

// coral sands //

I just returned from the most amazing road trip of my entire life - traveling throughout the Southwest, visiting locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Now before I ruin the surprise of all the exact locations we visited (which will be revealed in future posts), I wanted to start with this particular shoot in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. This one wasn't even on our itinerary, but while driving through Utah we saw a sign that read 'Coral Pink Sand Dunes - 15 miles' and we both looked at each other with starry eyes. We knew it was meant to be, and that it wouldn't set us too much off schedule. So we went for it, and man oh man I'm happy we did so! 

I had originally planned on styling this jumpsuit from Mister Zimi at a different location, but once I saw those coral dunes glowing bright in the sunlight, I knew this colorful, geometric piece would create the vivid contrast I was looking for! I'm also really into layering necklaces right now, and Kat Made Jewelry has such an amazing selection! I love styling them with low necklines such as this. 

I can't wait to show you guys more of what we created on this journey! We spent about a week and a half on the road - so prepare yourself for a lot of content ^_^

// ain't no mountain high enough //

Here's a little journey that Darren and I took through Mt. Wilson the other day that ended with the nicest sunset a girl could ever ask for ^_^

On a side note, I have some exciting news for you guys! Very very soon, Darren and I will be taking a loooong road trip to some locations we have been wanting to see for years now. I won't reveal the locations, because that would ruin the surprise (and who likes ruined surprises?!), but let's just say it involves traveling through 3 different states. I can't wait to adventure, create, and see the world with my one and only - and to document each and every moment so you guys can feel like you were there with us!