// chasing light //

Do you ever have one of those days where you just wake up with an itch to explore? To head out with your friends on an open road with the speakers bumping the finest spring & summer tunes? With nothing on your itinerary - only the open road ahead and that refreshing feeling? Well, I faced that the other day, so I followed my intuition and headed up the Angeles Crest Highway to Mt. Wilson. While doing so, I wanted to show off (and offer some inspo for!) a great festival look brought to you by Express

First and foremost - I have to do a little happy dance due to the bracing views and brisk air. I mean, how could you not when you're wearing that top and surrounded by mountains?

Now it's time to pretend to tie my shoes, because I want to 'casually' show you how amazing they are.

Oh and dear sunlight, thank you for gracefully backlighting my stance of contentedness.

We continued to drive up the mountain to chase that light, and we found ourselves surrounded by the most vibrant sunset. Here we are, above it all, and the colors are hypnotizing! We brought our speaker along, so we had it playing some ambient music for a nice sunset soundtrack.

Sunset, I can feel you! ::)

All in all, the experience was revitalizing and I'm happy I followed my intuition to head out on a day trip to the mountains. It paired nicely with this festival get-up by Express. If you guys are still searching for that perfect (and affordable!) festival look, they have so many great selects. Check out the pieces I chose below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

Into The Mountains


What an adventure it was driving up the Angeles Crest Highway to Mount Wilson with this lovely lady ~ Hieu ~ and of course the one who documented it all with one hell of a vision, Darius Twin. The drive up there was a journey in itself, because as we saw cars driving the opposite direction down the mountain, we noticed the roofs were covered in snow. 'Do we continue?' we asked ourselves, 'YES!' So we did (with a little hesitation) ~~ and it was such a magical journey that ended with snow and a dreamy sunset. It was really fun combining forces and creating some stunning imagery with vibrant colors ~ how amazing is Hieu's hair by the way?

// ain't no mountain high enough //

Here's a little journey that Darren and I took through Mt. Wilson the other day that ended with the nicest sunset a girl could ever ask for ^_^

On a side note, I have some exciting news for you guys! Very very soon, Darren and I will be taking a loooong road trip to some locations we have been wanting to see for years now. I won't reveal the locations, because that would ruin the surprise (and who likes ruined surprises?!), but let's just say it involves traveling through 3 different states. I can't wait to adventure, create, and see the world with my one and only - and to document each and every moment so you guys can feel like you were there with us! 

// rain or shine //

Levis jeans // White Crow top // Ariat boots

For most, rain is a good excuse to wear PJs all day, have food delivered to your door, and watch back to back episodes of your favorite TV show ~ but for us, it's time to explore ^_* The other day, we noticed the rain began to stop around sunset, and we booked it to Mt. Wilson to see the sunset break through the clouds. Almost too good to be true, the sunset was everything we wanted and more! The pink fog had me feeling like I was moving through cotton candy. 

People Under The Stairs // Acid Raindrops