// desert tour '78 //

It's always been a dream of mine to head out on the road in a VW van, bumping the finest tunes with the windows down and the breeze just right. Well, all of my hippie dreams came true recently when we rented the most magical '78 Riviera van from Vintage Surfari Wagons and went on a desert adventure. Below is my film diary of our Desert Tour '78 in a van named Rell Sun after a famous Hawaiian (female!) surfer.

So where are we headed you may be asking? Red Rock Canyon State Park in Kern County, CA. After doing a little research on the routes to take, we found that the Angeles Crest Highway would not only be a quicker route, but also more scenic and the van could cruise along 'in it's element'. So here Isabella and I are, capturing the photo to start the adventure, off of the Angeles Crest Highway! The weather and the views are superb, and I don't think it is possible for us to feel more badass than we do in the photo above. 

Darren and I are all smiles the whole way leading to our arrival at Red Rock Canyon, because this is unlike anything we've experienced before. And we love it.

Finally! We've made it to our first destination, and the sunset fills our eyes with vibrant colors and contentment.

In the morning, Isabella brews the crew some coffee while looking like a lil' 70s bohemian angel!

Meanwhile, I find myself shooting photos of the van non-stop because I'm all too obsessed with capturing this thing!

Here's Darren smiling ear to ear because he just had a hot cup of coffee and is taking in the alluring views of Red Rock Canyon.

I mean, just look at how enchanting it is! These column-like rock formations are all over the park in different shades of red, orange, and brown.

TJ is feeling those nice coffee-filled, desert vibes as well as he soaks up some vitamin D.

Now that we're all filled up on coffee, Isabella spoils us with her delicious migas. 

Causing TJ to feel like a rockstar (and look like one too).

Darren's over here feeling like spiderman, climbing the walls of Red Rock Canyon.

Now that our day has officially begun (after coffee + breakfast), we're saying bye to our '78 beauty (aka home base) as we head out on a day trip to Fossil Falls. 

So here we are, on the road again.

We pass by Isabella's sign (the perfect photo op).

We've now made it to Fossil Falls after stopping by Indian Wells Brewing Co for a nice brew! Darren is enjoying himself as he captures moments left and right. 

Fossil Falls surely is magical!

The desert looks amazing on these two, too.

There's Little Lake and the Fossil Falls volcano in the distance.

Isabella and TJ sitting on the volcanic rocks was too good not to capture. 

We're back to home base, our quaint little van, where we enjoyed another beautiful sunset and a fire. It's starting to feel a bit like home in this thing!

I accidentally, but thankfully, woke up for sunrise and had to capture the sky - because, look!

It's time to take this adventure over to Palm Springs, CA and enjoy being poolside near some mid-century modern architecture. We stayed at The Saguaro, a technicolor hotel with an amazing pool and stunning views of the mountainous desert. The gradient colors of the hotel were inspired by indigenous desert wildflowers. Some more hue heaven for you!

The van looked amazing with the vibrant colors, fitting right into the palette. So, naturally, I added in some cobalt blue!

The color game was also strong inside the rooms! We ended up with the orange room, with purple floors and orange curtains. The natural light coming in through the curtains was dreamy.

And so were the beds.

OK, enough drooling over our room and the hotel's architecture, it's time to relax in the pool. Darren is all for that idea.

Life. Is. Good.

Especially when we spend it hanging out on the balcony with a cold brew.

To end the adventure the right way we had to stop by Ace hotel for breakfast. And also to capture the van posing nicely against the matching Ace art installation.

Well, the trip has come to a close, but we wish we could have this '78 Riviera from Vintage Surfari Wagons forever! 

All photos shot on my Canon AE-1.

// silver rocket //

Pippa Lynn jacket & skirt // Barbara C Pellegrino necklace

"All silver everythang" -- my thoughts exactly while styling this shoot at Red Rock Canyon. I felt like a lady from the future, as this two piece from Pippa Lynn shined bright with the golden hour light. 

I'm sure many of you guys wonder how Darren and I usually go about these photo adventures - in terms of getting there, where we stay, etc. Well, it may come as a surprise, but we drive to and camp at almost every location we travel to. Not only does it save a ton of money, but it makes the experience all the better. I usually fill the back seat with clothes, props, shoes, and jewelry and treat it as a temporary closet to do my styling with. Most of the time, I try to plan the styling ahead of time, but every now and then it makes more sense to style once I see the location. Normally we leave with an expected itinerary - camping one night at a particular location, then driving a few hours the next day and camping at another location. Or sometimes we finish it all in a day, and drive back home in the late hours of the night. We love what we do and we are so dedicated to doing it. Traveling is what keeps us happy, creating, & inspired.

We're headed out to Mt. Pinos in a few hours or so to do some shooting in the forest! I can't wait to show you what we create ^_^ we have some cool ideas planned. 

// last light //

Native Rose top & shorts // 2020 Ave sunglasses // Nasty Gal shoes

I found myself traveling to Red Rock Canyon again the other day, wearing this amazingly-patterned two piece by Native Rose. While the winds are always strong at Red Rock, this get-up flowed well with the breeze and was so comfortable for me to do my usual exploring in ^_^ Every time I'm wandering around Red Rock, I always discover new places to see (and climb hehe) -- as you'll see in these photos, I climbed up some pretty steep spots to see the sun creep behind the mountains. 

I'm posting another track today that has been on many of my playlists for the past few years -- it's one of those songs I think all of you should hear. It makes me want to drive with the windows down through some exotic & enchanting location, while his soothing lyrics blast through the speakers. 

// wonder | wander //

Barbara C Pellegrino necklace // Vintage jacket & skirt
Photos shot by Kelly Lee

Every now and then, you gotta wake up early and take in the views of a good ol' sunrise... especially in the desert. I don't think there's a better way to start the day. Not even a nice cup of joe can beat that feeling, because a sunrise is a natural energy booster and a reminder of the important things in life. Kellee and I surely got the best start of the day in the photos above ~ and I felt more inspired than ever while creating these images & collaborating with an amazing artist such as her! Hopefully they make you feel inspired too.

// mars is made of candy //


Tasi Malibu jumpsuit
Barbara C Pellegrino necklace
Ariat boots
Rosel poncho

This is one of those places that feels other-worldly ~ an amazing feeling to experience while traveling because I truly feel unplugged. This set of photos is also from the camping trip to Red Rock with Kellee Lee & Darren. Kellee shot these photos around sunset & sinrise, and this magic was created! Lovin' the way the colors on this jumpsuit pop while surrounded by the candy-mars. 

Lord Huron // Ends Of The Earth

// desert daisy //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Kristinit top
Sarah Mulder necklace
Ariat boots

I wandered off to Red Rock the other weekend and shot with amazing friend & photographer Kellee Lee (@kellee_lee). We camped out there and spent our time dressin' up, drinkin' whiskey, listenin' to fireside jams, and shootin' the raddest of photos. Here's one of the shoots we did featuring a few of my favorite brands, that when combined together, creates the DeSeRt DaIsY vibe we were lookin' for! Looking forward to showing you guys the rest of the photos we shot. 

Twin Shadow // Old Love New Love