// empty road //

Welcome to Convict Lake, ladies and gents --- named this way because (way back in the day) a group of convicts escaped from prison and came here to hide out. Well, it's not a bad place to hide out I must say ^_^ and fortunately, I didn't cross pass with any convicts on the run. Now it's a popular spot for fishermen and photographers! Loved the way that Tobi dress looked with the reflected water!

// adventure awaits //

Indosole shoes // Native Rose top // Levis jeans // 2020ave sunglasses

This abandoned house is located at the top of a big cliff right outside of San Francisco ~ what a cool spot, I gotta say! I keep finding myself standing/sitting on extremely sketchy spots, but I always remind myself that it's "all for the photo." I guess this one wasn't AS scary as it looks, but anytime I'm sitting on the edge of anything with height, my nerves start to tremble. I'm getting better at hiding my face of fear (ha!) Anyhoo, here's another pair of shoes from Indosole - where they repurpose tires for the soles of the shoes. They are extremely comfortable for my daily adventures, and I always get so many compliments while wearing them.