Natural Blues | Badwater Basin


Motel Rocks top & skirt
Valley City trench coat

Here I am, standing in the lowest point of North America called Badwater Basin with an elevation of 282 ft. below sea level. The location is called Badwater Basin because the water literally is 'bad' and undrinkable due to the accumulated salts surrounding the basin. You can smell the salt with every breath you take, and your skin starts to feel a bit dry, but the location itself is extremely beautiful & worthwhile at any point of the day. I recommend a visit during golden hour, sunset, and at night to see the stars. If you're there during a full moon, that's even better because the cracks in the ground illuminate. I chose to wear this stunning top & skirt from Motel Rocks at blue hour to accentuate my favorite color blue & because the weather in the desert was perfect at this moment!