// wander with me //

// touch the sky //

Native Rose skirt // Kristinit top // Blk Sheep Empire shoes // Worlds Apart cuff

I gotta say - this moment took my breath away and carried my soul along with the dancing winds - so I danced too. That seemed like the only way I could truly show my appreciation for witnessing something so enchanting, natural, and brilliant. And these moments don't last forever, so you have to take it all in while you can. So, my way of absorbing as much sunset as I could was to climb the tallest rocks in sight and see that majestic beauty from every angle. It's this sort of experience that keeps me moving, breathing, and seeing the world.

// bottle house rock //

Kristinit dress // Sarah Mulder necklace // Satya earrings // vintage bracelet & shoes

What an adventure it was while walking through this dreamy spot - as the golden hour sunlight illuminated the bottles throughout! We took a pit stop here off of Route 66 to shoot, and of course, explore it in it's entirety. There were so many hidden gems here - like that typewriter you see me typing on above. I chose to add a little vintage flare to this shoot, wearing the most beautiful dress by Kristinit.

// desert daisy //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Kristinit top
Sarah Mulder necklace
Ariat boots

I wandered off to Red Rock the other weekend and shot with amazing friend & photographer Kellee Lee (@kellee_lee). We camped out there and spent our time dressin' up, drinkin' whiskey, listenin' to fireside jams, and shootin' the raddest of photos. Here's one of the shoots we did featuring a few of my favorite brands, that when combined together, creates the DeSeRt DaIsY vibe we were lookin' for! Looking forward to showing you guys the rest of the photos we shot. 

Twin Shadow // Old Love New Love 

magic city hippie ~

Kerol D pants & shoes
Krisinit top

A "magic city hippie" is how I felt while wearing this get up on the way to the dreamy Big Sur. It's also the name of an album that I can't stop listening to right now from Robby Hunter Band. Anyway, these are probably the coolest pair of pants I've worn in a long time ~ and I definitely let my inner wild-child out during this shoot (and the entire time I wore them).

Robby Hunter Band // Magic City Hippie