// she's a runaway //

// exploring the coast //

I've just returned from a visit to see my family in Plano, TX - where I grew up! I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that before, but yes I am a Texas gal, indeed. It was really nice to be home, to just *relax* and enjoy catching up with my family. Oh, and you gotta love a night's rest in your old bed! I am happy to be home now, though, so I can get back in the swing of things and release more of our recent shoots!

This shoot is a combination of photos from our excursion on the coast of Big Sur. A few are photos we shot at the beautiful locations we drove by and just *had* to check out. The last few images were shot at McWay Falls - one of my favorite views in Big Sur. I just love how magical that little waterfall is! 

I'm wearing a new spring favorite - perfect for a Sunday brunch, afternoon stroll through the park, or coffee date. I just love the casual but classy vibe of this get up! I finally found the perfect fitting mom jeans from Zulu & Zephyr, that I chose to pair those with their funky (and comfy!) top. Check out my outfit details below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// sunset by the sea //

Never end a day without seeing the sunset, because each and every one is a natural gift from the painted skies above. Some may leave you absolutely speechless - like this one at Pfeiffer Beach, for instance. You can't really predict what the skies may bring when the sun begins to set; but when life gives you a sky that carries streaks of clouds, you just might end up with a pink-filled atmosphere that makes the sunset one you'll always remember.

I took my chances here by wearing this stunning outfit in the hopes it would match the pink skies, and fortunately the *Sky Gods* were feeling the outfit I put together and matched the hues perfectly! I coated myself with those beautiful jewels by Nina Designs, because I find their pieces as inspirational as a sunset! They have both ready-to-wear pieces and design ideas where you can source inspiration and buy the items needed to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry at home. Take a peek at the selects I made for this sunset silhouette below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// coastal trail //

// a walk through the forest //

While many may appreciate the beautiful cliffs & coastlines of Big Sur, the forests are just as scenic and deserving of exploration. The vibrant hues of green and brown are highlighted by the rays of light shining through the many trees tucked away in the forest - adding that magical sense of adventure while strolling through the path. This particular trail in Big Sur is at Limekiln State Park and ends with a beautiful waterfall! White surely was a good color for this heavenly walk - those overalls were glowing with the light rays. 

// fringe in the forest //

I love waking up in Big Sur, yall. They are such refreshing and enchanting mornings that make you never want to leave. You see that light bursting through the trees onto the shimmering river? That's what mornings look like at Riverside Campground. Oh, and if you're lucky enough, you can score a camping spot right on the river like we did. Nothing compares to the sound of the streaming water at night - hypnotizing you and leaving you with the sweetest dreams and a perfect night of sleep. If you find yourself making way to Big Sur, I highly recommend camping here. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend. Right now it's  about 100 degrees outside in LA and I'm hiding away indoors! ^_^ I cannot hang in this heat, yall.

// flowers on my mind //

All any girl needs - flowers, the sunset, and an ocean breeze! ^_^

// on the pier //

On this day, Darren and I were headed back home from a magical stay in Big Sur and chose to stop at one of our favorite locations, the San Simeon Pier. While walking down that pier, it's hard not to feel like Harry from Requiem for a Dream during his freaky dream sequences (ha!) I love the lines of this location and that eye-catching vanishing point. We always find ourselves taking advantage of locations that have vanishing points such as this. It's that perfect amount of symmetry that ads so much geometric charm. I'm all for it. Although this location is a bit eerie, I decided to give it a softer, more adventurous vibe with this outfit - while also contrasting the blue and white with red. If you ever find yourself in San Simeon, this place is definitely worth the stop.

// coastal break //

Four swell days spent drifting through the coast of Big Sur ~ my go-to place to experience the unplugged life that many of us forget. Big Sur is a place where not having cell-phone service is a plus, so we can relax and cleans our sweet souls with those vibrant views. Cliffs, forest, ocean as far as the eye can see, and best of all, that smell of campfire filling the air. I can never get enough, and I guess that's why I always find myself making the trek out there. Soaking up that golden hour and sunset, with the best views a girl could eva want - all while feeling like a big sur princess in that dress by Raga.

// psychedelic kingdom //

Shot by Kelly Lee

I always enjoy a good adventure with Kelly Lee (@kellee_lee on IG) ~ my psychedelic sista sista! She has such an incredible vision, and I love being a part of it! These particular photos were shot in Big Sur at Pfeiffer Beach. If you haven't been before, I recommend it!

// coastal breeze //


Girl on a Vine dress // Satya earrings // Inverness & Crane rings // Worlds Apart cuff

Shot by Kelly Lee

If there was a heaven on earth, you'd find it in Big Sur. I can't wait to show you guys more of what Kelly and I created on this lil' road trip we took up the PCH! 

// golden flight //

Shovava scarf // Pippa Lynn top // Levis jeans // Indosole shoes

When I was younger, I used to take any chance I could to throw a penny into a fountain and wish for the ability to fly. I dreamt about flying so often, that occasionally I thought I actually could. Well, many years later, I'm still not flying. But hey, can't a kid dream? ^_^ Thanks to Shovava, I now have a pair of wings that I can wear all of the time. I may not be able to fly, but I sure feel angelic while wearing them! 

// spread your wings //

Shovava scarf // 2020 ave sunglasses & jumpsuit

For the past week or so, I spread my wings and flew up the coast to Big Sur ~ land of magical coastal cliffs, forests, beaches, and campfire scents. Lookin' forward to showing you guys more of what was created during the road trip!

// up the coast //

Levis jeans
Inverness & Crane rings
Vintage tee

It sure feels good to be back here writing to you guys about my adventures. Last week, Darren & I took our cameras up the coast ~ starting in LA and ending up in Fort Bragg. I must say it was quite a refreshing lil' vacation. If you haven't already taken a trip up ((or down)) the PCH, you must. My eyes were wide as we continued on, seeing the vast variety of coastal views, cliffs, and forests. Each town we drove through had it's own special vibe, and fortunately enough we had time to stop and explore them on the way up. In the photos pictured above, I am wandering around both Glass Beach ((that is not sand, that is small pieces of tumbled glass!)) in Fort Bragg and the Redwood Forest wearing my favorite boyfriend jeans from Levi's. They are the ultimate road trip necessity, that's for sure.

Wolf Alice // Bros

a light hanging above me ~

Catherine Fulmer top & skirt
Sara Mulder necklace

Big Sur is where the magic is ~ every sunset is breathtaking and the views are surreal. I always find myself wanting to go back to explore every chance that I get. On our way back from San Francisco this past weekend, we made a pit stop in Big Sur right as the sun decided to set. Luckily, I had this beautiful top & skirt from Catherine Fulmer to match the golden tones and a pair of wings to accentuate the heavenly-vibe that Big Sur creates. Do you ever hear a song that continues to bring you back to a particular memory? Well, "Hold Me Down" by Mansionair always takes me back to Big Sur. The giant redwoods, smell of campfire, and infinite views of the ocean are the perfect visual for the soundtrack.

Mansionair // Hold Me Down